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Taking Inventory

So last night I worked on a painting for my grandmother, and although I'm pleased with the subject matter and the finished piece, I dont think I can give it to my grandmother. She may react strangely to it because she doesn't look too much into the paintings I've given her. I have to credit unrulytresses again because in addition to supplying me with paint (I'm flat out EMPTY), she also gave me some ideas on the composition. And while I was talking about my reasons behind choosing a swan, I mentioned how I equate it as the opposite but equal (in grace and form) to a snake. She suggested I try it in the composition. In fact, she even had a reference book that I used to paint the creature.

Well that's all fine and good that I painted something, but I stil have to create something I can give to my grandmother. Which means I need to buy or acquire another canvas. So in order to buy more canvases and paint (and to recuperate for what I've already spent on holiday art supplies for the fam), I need to sell some paintings. Including the one above.

Bridge Treaty
Acrylic on Canvasboard.
16" by 20"
(40.6 cm by 51 cm)

Skill-wise, this was an attempt to incorporate more background and environment in my work. It was also kind of an in-joke (thats_kero_whac gave me crap for never painting blondes. and of course, I had to be a smartass about it.) but that all worked with the original intention of the piece.

Ink, acrylic, watercolour, collage
8" by 10"
(20 cm by 25 cm)

Toadie was a fun little animal to work with. I drew him originally a year before he made his way to the illustration board upon which he is now collaged. I remember exactly where and almost exactly when it was I drew the original piece. The background was completed after my good friend sharpwallflower donated some illustration boards and a very fine brush. I was so excited that used them all within a month. I think there were four, if I remember correctly. That piece was the most fun because I was just enjoying the process instead of worrying about the finished product.

"On the Range"
Acrylic, watercolour, ink
8" by 10"
(20 cm by 25 cm)

This was another piece done the same illustration boards sharpwallflower gave me. I painted with a total critic looking on, telling me "that won't work, that won't work." But I didn't care as much what came of it, again I was just enjoying the process. I ended up getting him to talk about himself and that's when the piece really came to fruition. He was talking about his home when he was a kid. He didn't describe the house too much, so I thought of what sort of home I would have liked to live in when I was a child.

"City Weight"
23" by 12"
(58.5 cm by 30.5 cm)

Originally, my good friend Tim Jenquin was to buy this piece. I painted over a previous work to give him my impressions of the cityscape. He wanted something like this piece I had already sold but it turned out way different because I didn't have the right colours. Oh well. I have had a sort of love-hate relationship with that painting ever since. Some days I just want to paint over it, but I figure it best to offer it for sale before I doom it to be something completely different.

acrylic and ink
9" by 12"
(23 cm by 30.5 cm)

Oh, she's a rather recent one. Created while painting with my friend Danielle (who was also the awesome person to offer me the chance to do live painting at the Dresden Dolls show a couple months ago..)

ink and coloured pencil in aluminium frame
8" by 10"

"Forest" was a sketch I did for the Elysian Thebes, a fictional concert venue that would be the setting for a late-80s early 90s grunge take on Sophocles' "Antigone". The interior of the venue is where most of the action would take place. I found the drawing shortly before graduation and so I started playing around with coloured pencils on it while I was on the phone.

acrylic on canvas panel
16" by 20"
(40.6 cm by 51 cm)

Oh man... I painted this years ago... I think my first year of college. I left it back in Wisconsin where I painted it, but it followed me home one day. Those were the days when I missed home, but I didn't want to be there. I missed the idea of home. And even moreso, I wanted to travel. That sentiment has only increased in potency over these years.

"Into the Blue"
16" by 20" PER PANEL. 2 panels in all.
(40.6 cm by 51 cm)

This girl has quite a story behind her... no wonder she "speaks" to people so much. She gets more reactions than most of the works that hang in my house.

Tto give you an idea how the Blue Girl started... Well... she was actually the first female form I've ever painted.

I didn't say that I was good, nor that she was pretty. In fact, I was really creeped out by her because before I had "finished" painting her, (2002, I believe) she haunted my dreams and discussed with me how afraid she was that I would paint her wrong.

After I was done, I had a dream that she came back and told me that I DID paint her wrong, so I tried to pretty-up the digital version like this:

I was frustrated and I never showed the orignal to anybody after that. She sat in a closet. Until my mother sent her out to me when I said I was low on canvases. I had asked for a few of my older canvas panels that I had selected when I last visited, so she mailed them to me since I didn't have room on my trip home. I was suprised to see that familiar ghostly face.

Before she came out here, I had already completed the more abstract blue painting. I absentmindedly propped her up next to the other canvas. When I started working on her, she came to life. Strangely, she did come back shortly after completion (in fact, the night I set up the canvases on my desk like this:

She didn't say anything, just nodded contentedly and looked into a bright blue light that blinded my vision. After that, she was gone.

And that's the extent of the paintings for sale in my apartment. I'd like to sell a few so that I can afford some new paints. And then make holiday presents for my fam. Let me know what you like, and we'll work something out. If you can't leave an LJ comment, try my email: countyfairproject AT hotmail DOT com.
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